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November 2017

Talking Animation with David Pagano and David Pickett

October 2017

David Hughes at OXO Gallery

July 2017

Abstract Experiments in LEGO

June 2017

Abstracting the LEGO Brick

May 2017

LEGO Fables – Telling Stories With Bricks

Classical Coupling: Matt & Linda Rowntree

April 2017

Bjarne Tveskov

Building the Essential: LEGO Hair and other Archetypes

Building in Two Dimensions

LEGO Representations of Nature

David Hughes Brick Artist

March 2017

Tyler Halliwell’s Fantasic Visions

(How To) Build Yourself

From Pixel to Plastic

Crimso Geiger’s Infinite Space

Space Dinosaurs

January 2017

LEGO and Photography

April 2015

The Structural Language of LEGO (A Short Observation)

February 2015

Collective Conventions and Shared Observations: The Case of LEGO Febrovery

LEGO Lilliput or the Politics of Scale

January 2015

Is there Something Funny About These Bricks: LEGO and Humour

Authentic/Inauthentic LEGO or What is the Right Way to Build

Building a Case for LEGO Art